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Academic Program Requirement

Academic Program Requirements

Required Courses

A total of four courses are required to complete the certificate program. A grade of a “B” or higher must be earned in the four required courses for the certificate. A prerequisite for all courses is admission to the certificate program or the M.A. program in Applied Sociology. Other prerequisites may apply for individual courses.

Courses are typically offered once per year in the fall OR spring semester.

TWO required classes:

SOCY 651  Sociology of Health and Illness Behavior (3.00)


SOCY 658  Sociology of Mental Health & Illness (3.00)

ONE three-credit graduate course in social research methods (choose one):

SOCY 600: Research Methodology (3.00)
Prerequisite: An undergraduate course in statistics in any department in any college.


SOCY 619: Qualitative Methods in Social Research (3.00)


ONE three-credit graduate course in social inequality

SOCY 606  Social Inequality and Social Policy (3.00)  (summer offering too).


SOCY 611 Constructing Race, Class, and Gender (3.00)